S/4 and ECC

S/4 and ECC


Ameri100 can conduct a workshop to assess your current landscape and provide the most appropriate option (migration or greenfield) to S/4HANA

  • Deploy S/4HANA on premise or cloud using SAP Activate. Ameri100 will ensure your functionality will be retained in S/4 which will continue as your unique differentiator
  • Use Accelerators to transform data and simplify the customer experience.
  • Migrate any database to HANA and upgrade to Suite on Hana
  • Develop custom Fiori applications to enhance your user experience.

S/4HANA Finance

Ameri100 can conduct a workshop to determine the appropriate migration strategy based on your current landscape and business process.

  • Determine if Central Finance is more appropriate to deploy ahead of S/4 Finance
  • Transition your business to SAP S/4 Finance, on premise or cloud without disrupting your business. The transition can be simple and seamless even if your current landscape is made up of a combination of SAP systems of different releases and accounting approaches and non-SAP systems.
  • Deploy SAP S/4 IBP and Digital board room for Financial planning and enable simulations and scenario planning which is powerful and put you ahead of your competition.
  • Deploy BPC on HANA for Financial Planning and consolidation.

SAP S/4 solutions