Our Culture and Logo

Ameri100’s Values

Our name is an acronym for Ambition, Mastery, Excitement, Reliability and Integrity. The “100” represents a perfect number. 100% commitment to delivering superior results to our customers is our top most priority.

We have set our sight on each of our Customers, Employees, Shareholders, Partners & Vendors and members of Society, to take our engagement with them from Insight to Impact, which is 100 per cent true to Ameri100’s credo.

These five elemental values we vouch for are Ambition, Mastery, Excitement, Reliability and Integrity. And we aim to bring these elements together, in each process we undertake, to create harmony in our relationship with each of our stakeholders.


Think big.. Scale faster

At Ameri100, we seek out constructive ambition as the central force that stimulates powerful commitment in its employees thus raising the momentum quotient in everybody. The bigger the scale of this collective ambition, the better and faster will be the path towards realizing our continuous and consequent goals.

“Why does Ameri100 exist? What do we plan to accomplish? How will we collaborate to achieve our ambition?” are all easily answered when our collective conscience aligns with our core values to achieve and sustain excellence. Our metrics to estimate progress towards our mission is always guided by our thoughts and actions in pursuit of adhering to positivity in ambition.


We deliver perfection

When employees at Ameri100 are passionate about mastering a task or are good at something, they are motivated to perform better, aiming at perfection. We empower our employees to sustain individually and collectively- to be challenged, and feel valued. Once they realize their potential to contribute, we benefit from productive and motivated employees for whom the sky is the limit.

Individuals on the brighter side of organizational mastery are self-motivated thinkers, who know how their enterprise works holistically. By integrating people, products, and processes through order and simplification, the steps towards mastery is well-undertaken. Mastery demands every individual in the organization to put in their strength and soul to achieve and grow, along with the Company.


It’s in our DNA

Every individual at Ameri100 wakes up each morning with excitement of how their workplace activities would unwrap through the day. The real excitement lies in playing their A-game so that their roles contribute to the larger goals of the company and makes them feel wanted in every way. Taking pride in their work comes naturally, inciting them to do their best possible work on every assignment.

Here we take pride to foster a learning environment to improve performance and motivation by ensuring complete engagement and 360-degree feedback. There is a healthy reward culture, sense of belongingness and accountability in the Ameri100 community. The bottom-line is transparent communication to know where excitement is peaking or leaving, and we take every possible step to channel the excitement in the right direction towards collective success.


We do what we promise

Ameri100 is a highly reliable organization, consistent in delivery, with deep knowledge on how processes and systems affect the organization and every individual associated with it. We are always aware of what is working and what is not; there are no assumptions. Every employee is encouraged to think of ways their work processes might be improved to maximize effectiveness. Alertness is de facto at Ameri100, and we are relentless in our efforts to respond to challenges and find concrete solutions.

Solving problems leads to improvisation and lateral thinking on how to prevent the next, or be prepared for the unexpected. Ameri100 promises the best results from our team of experts as we are aware that the reliability of the people giving you the facts is as important as the facts themselves.


We always do right

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching,” so said the great Irish writer, C.S. Lewis and Ameri100 is in total consonance with him. We believe it is the duty of the top management to provide leadership and institute systems and processes to check ethical lacunae. If there is digression we share responsibility and take necessary action against those who deliberately ideate, accomplish and gain from corporate misdeeds.

With the inculcation of these values in Ameri100 there is only going to be greater establishment of accountability, trust and empowerment here to create high standards of organizational integrity that has made us highly admired in our field of work.