How to Create Geospatial Dashboard Using Lumira 1.28 on HANA SP 8

Maria Wei


SAP Lumira and Predictive Analysis are the new generation tools within SAP Business Objects Suite enhancing the end user ad-hoc reporting experience. Combination of Lumira and Predictive Analysis also introduces new capabilities in terms of presenting data in a real time via interactive dashboards.

The good news is that Lumira 1.28. and Predictive Analysis can be installed on the same desktop and migration of storyboard lum files to LCM is working with BI Integration.

More details regarding this can be found in Release Notes & PAM:



With that being said, current functionality still lets us enjoy the excitement of the real time data. Here is an example of data display we set up for one of our customers in Oil And Gas industry. These geospatial dashboards represent the Rig completion tracking and well tracking in real time.

Lumira GeoSpatial

Lumira Geospatial

Click below to find out how to create storyboards using Lumira 1.28 on Enterprise HANA SP 8

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