Why Migrating to Cloud Hosting Will Mitigate the Risk of Failure?

Larry Xu

Among the many widely known benefits of cloud computing, the reduced risk of data failure is a prominent one. In financial investment, diversification is a commonly accepted strategy to allocate the assets to a variety of categories of financial instruments. “Do not put all your eggs in one basket.” The same reasoning can be applied to enterprise data management. “Do not put all your critical and valuable data in one on-premises data center.” Migrating to the cloud can serve as one of the data recovery stragegies.


Data security should be a general concern for enterprise IT operations. It applies to both on-premise and cloud applications. It is a somewhat misconceived notion that the data stored in cloud is less secure due to lack of direct control, management, and governance. Recent step-down of the chief of federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM), due to two-time unprecedented breaches of highly private and sensitive information – 21 million employment and background check records, should serve as a case in point.

OPM has undoubtedly total control over its employee database. But as an OPM IT spokesperson argued, implementation of industry-standard technologies like encryption and multi-factor authentication is “not feasible on networks that are too old”, referring to the systemic shortcoming of many antiquated legacy systems. “The breach at the OPM is a stark notice that the reluctance of many government organizations to migrate to the cloud has left our nation’s most sensitive data in antiquated and fundamentally insecure homegrown systems.”(Sam Bleiberg, Corporate Communications at Skyhigh Network. Emphasis added by author of this blog.)

The misconception of data insecurity of cloud computing should be redressed by the less publicized fact that cloud hosting companies nowadays offer best-in-class security capabilities that, in many cases, exceed those of on-premises systems. These cloud hosting vendors voluntarily go with the most stringent data security standards to try to alter the public perception that cloud services are insecure and to demonstrate that migrating to the cloud will mitigate the risk of failure.

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