Why you consider to upgrade to SAP BPC 10.X?

Selwyn Zhou

As usual, SAP BPC 10.X is also available on both NetWeaver and Microsoft platforms. Here we will introduce some new features of 10.x versions compared to the previous versions.

Key New Features with BPC 10.1

Introduction of “Embedded” and “Standard” models

  • “Standard” planning model is similar to prior release
  • “Embedded” planning model leverages BW-IP

New web User Interface built on HTML5

  • Improved ease of navigation and enhanced support for
  • mobile applications

SAP Cloud for Planning

  • Intended to complement the central business plan managed in BPC
  • Enables localized planning for each SBU, completely hosted on an enterprise cloud
  • Encourages collaboration, analysis, and planning in one application

Compared to 7.X, 10.X versions of SAP NetWeaver Release has a more simplified Web Architecture . The .NET tier has been removed from the architecture making this more consistent with SAP NetWeaver releases, which will lower maintenance costs. Especially for the latest version, 10.1, which based on SAP S/4 HANA, can reach to real-time access of transactional and master data directly from SAP ERP without separate BW extraction component.


But for the Microsoft platform release, the difference is shown in the below graph:


Also, 10.X develops a new tool - Advanced Variance analysis (AVA) to replace the ‘Insight’ functionality in 7.x. With the new AVA, you can

–Create your own KPI

–Define own status indicators for each KPI

–Analyze the contributors to the variance

–Find hidden under/over performing child members

–Perform ad-hoc analysis

–See the status in a dashboard

If you want to know more detail about the SAP BPC implementation, we offer a Free guide for you. Please click

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