Benefits of Business Objects Upgrade from 3.x to 4.x

Selwyn Zhou

Right now, with the latest release of SAP BOBJ 4.1, a lot of customers that did not upgrade to 4.0 are now considering a migration to 4.1 directly. To be honest, compared to 3.x, 4.x versions have some significant advantages. Here we will compare them and give you some clues about the benefits of Business Object Upgrade from 3.x to 4.x.

Lets first do a comparison between them:


From the table, you can find some New Features and Changes in BO 4.x:

  • Information Design Tool

    A new semantic layer replaces Universe Designer. Change extension from .UNV to .UNX. Support OLAP dimensions and hierarchies. Multi-Source universes that federate multiple relational data sources allowing users to have multiple databases on one connection.

  • BI Launch Pad:
    BI Launch pad provides an interface to the SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform repository that enables us to navigate to view and manage our business intelligence documents. It is a web-based application from which we can access Crystal reports, Web Intelligence documents, and other objects, and organize them to suit our preferences.
  • Dashboard Design:
    SAP Business Objects Dashboard Design (previously called Xcelsius), contains new features and enhancements that are focused on improving productivity and direct enterprise data connectivity. These features and enhancements include new and updated support for SAP Business Objects Universe queries and integration with SAP Business Objects Enterprise.
  • BI Workspace :

    BI Workspace (previously ‘Dashboard Builder’ in BO 3.x) has been improved and should result in much faster design times. Content linking function between modules for in-depth data analysis has been changed. Its GUI is also designed to be more Graphical.

    • BO 4.0 requires 64 bit platform and hardware
    • Upgrade Management Tool: For upgrade from older version to new version
    • Monitoring: To monitor all server performance and KPI based view

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