How to Upgrade from SAP BPC NW 7.5 to BPC 10 in 10 Steps

Victor Ayers

SAP BPC Net Weaver Edition 10 is what every customer has been waiting for in this popular tool. Bringing the BPC planning cubes into the BW environment and the Integrated Planning option for BPC 10.1 are, by themselves, reason enough to perform the upgrade. Having your actual and plan data in the same environment allows for the most flexible reporting and planning scenarios. Upgrade today by contacting ATCG Solutions. Meanwhile, enjoy reading through the 10 main steps involved in upgrading from BPC NW 7.5 to BPC NW 10.0.

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Firstly, this assumes an "in-place" upgrade. If you prefer to do a side-by-side installation you should add the necessary steps to your project plan. I've also included a sub-step for those customers that are not on SAP BW 7.3 or greater before embarking on the upgrade process.

Let's start with the back-end steps:

Backend Migration

Step 1: Full Backup of BPC 7.5 application sets using UJBR

Step 2: If the BW environment is greater than or equal to 7.3 go to step 3. Otherwise, you will need to upgrade BW to v7.3 using the Software Update Manager (SUM).

  • Option 1: Add BPC components to upgrade queue and skip step 3
  • Option 2: Perform BPC component upgrade separately from BW 7.3 upgrade

Step 3: Upgrade BPC components.

Step 4: Restore BPC Application Sets

Step 5: Run program “UJT_MIGRATE_75_TO_10” in order to complete backend migration

For BW on HANA scenario:

Step 6: Run program “BPC_HANA_MIGRATE_FROM_10”

Step 7: If using BADI’s, update/incorporate latest API changes to your code.

Now for the meat, the content!

Frontend Migration

Step 8: Use conversion tool for existing reports and quick win

Step 9A: Migrate to the new Report Definition concept to maximize performance and functionality.

Step 9B: Analyze existing content for any usage of deprecated functions and migrate to newest versions.

How To Determine the Level of Effort for Content Migration

Prior to starting the technical upgrade steps above, you should do a full analysis of your existing content (reports/templates). Any content containing deprecated functions should be documented in a migration plan and then updated during the clean-up phase.

SAP BPC NW 7.5 to BPC 10

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