Tips for you to choose SAP RDS

Selwyn Zhou

SAP Rapid-deployment solutions, available from SAP and its partners, are designed for quick, simple, and affordable installations in companies of any size.

Behind the RDS, there’s a standard START, DEPLOY, RUN methodology, a definition of what gets delivered, a detailed WBS with required roles and effort from each role, templates for training, testing, acceptance and some other accelerators.

 Rapid-deployment solution implementation methodology

    There are 2 types of RDS Solutions:
  • SAP Business Management Solutions
  • (SAP ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, BPC, SCM...) Functionalities and core features are packaged into a particular RDS based on the industry specific core functionality. The core functionality is determined by the industry model the RDS is aimed at.

  • RDS packages with functionalities and scope selected by the Client. The Client, preferably in collaboration with SAP Partner, chooses what functionalities fit into the business model of the company and address current business needs. SAP Partner packages selected functionalities into an RDS solution.

Here are some of the points to take into serious consideration when debating wether to go with an RDS option:

  • Can RDS address current business needs partialy or fully?
  • Can RDS reduce the cost and risk at a lower budget?
  • Are there successful RDS use cases in the industry of an interest?

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