Why SAP RDS can reduce project risks?

Selwyn Zhou

When you implement a new solution, you want to minimize project risks as much as possible. You don’t want any surprises. You want to know what you are getting and when. You want to start realizing value out of your investment as quickly as possible.

Projects tend to go off track when various parts of an organization add customizations and expand requirements midstream. It’s a natural occurrence and not a bad thing as long as it’s managed properly within the overall context of the program. With SAP Rapid Deployment solutions, requirements are predefined and locked down at the start of the project. When both solutions and the customer commit to remain true to the course of the deployment, you get predictable results on predictable timeframes at a predictable price point. By keeping things simple, you ensure the investments you make today will pay off in the immediate-to-near future.


SAP Rapid Deployment solutions are also based on the SAP Best Practices content platform. They also provide solutions based on this content for enterprise customers. In addition, a rapid deployment solution adds two more elements to the SAP Best Practices content: the general go-to-market content and pre-defined implementation services.

Each rapid-deployment solution comes with a set of so-called services assets that define—often at a fixed price—implementation service for the scope of the solution. This service can be performed by SAP Partners or by SAP consulting.

The key services assets consist of:

  • Work breakdown structure, schedule, and effort

A decomposition of work defined as a list of tasks to be done by the project team to complete project objectives.

  • Statement of Work

A document that describes the work that SAP delivers in an implementation project for the solution, and also any aspects that the customer must honor.

  • Scope document

A definition of the package used to understand the agreed-upon scope as a basis for handling changes to it.

  • Step-by-step guide

A standardized sequence of activities for the rapid deployment of the solution, with assets to support these activities.

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