Introducing SAP BI Platform Support Tool

Jim Sun

SAP BI Platform Support Tool was released in 2014. It is a Java based utility that can be used by consultants, BI developers and administrators for supporting the BI (BOBJ) platform and simplifying the process of reporting, configuration and performance optimization. Currently this tool is free for charge and still under development. The lates released version is 1.1.9 on Feb 3rd, 2015. Like many of other supplemental releases from SAP, SAP BI Platform Support Tool contains a series of client tools in the package and help enhance more functions and flexibilities for BI platform, the main toolsets in SAP BI Platform Support Tool package are as followings:

  • Landscape Analysis Report: this is the core feature of the BI Platform Support Tool. Users can connect to CMS system through Landscape Analysis Report and generate interactive landscape report inside of the client. Main functions included in Landscape Analysis Report are content analysis, schedule analysis, license key analysis, platform search analysis, semantic layer analysis and application server analysis, although part of the components are still under development. In a word, it helps users to estimate the performance and track status of whole BI system accordingly.
  • E2E Trace Wizard: it automates the process of executing and collecting end-to-end traces in BI platform by reusing the landscape definition after established, so that it helps save time for the BI administrator.
  • Offline Screen Recorder: it allows users to record any problematic workflows, steps to reproduce a bug and any product functionality. This function can still work even when there is no remote connection available.
  • Server Comparison Report: the report records all your server settings in side by side format. The columns are arranged by service type so that the users can tell whether all of the processing server nodes are configured properly in a short time.
  • Change Analysis: it enhances the communication efficiency between system architecturer and developers/system administrators, because through Change Analysis module developers can conveniently understand exactly what changes have been made to the BI landscape, hereby saving many hours of investigation and expedite the root cause analysis processes.
  • Patch History Analysis: the Patch History tool is used to generate a detailed report about the installation history on a BI node. Important details include installation order, date/time of install, the installation user account, language and other installation parameters.
  • Command-Line Interface: in Command-Line Interface the users could execute Landscape Analysis Report through external applications.
  • Active Directory Setup: it helps the BI system administrator to quickly and successfully setup and configure Single-Sign authentication in the SAP BI platform system.
  • SAP Passport Decoder: it provides a way to diagnose performance issues.
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    The current version of SAP BI Platform Support Tool is 1.1.9, and there are still a lot of development works in process even for the above function modules, and there are still many other module to be released in the future. The Support Tool is a good supplement for BI platform to optimize the performance and administor the landscape of BI system. For more tricks and best practices to use SAP BI Platform Support Tool, please click the button below.