What’s Concerns Customers Most About SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS)?

Selwyn Zhou

3 Key Customer Concerns of SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS)?

First, let’s see what benefits a RDS can bring us:


  • Urgent requirements can be implemented quickly
  • Short time-to-value thanks to seamless tool interfaces and best practices
  • Guides and custom materials speed up user training


  • Clearly defined scope of services at a fixed price with reliable results and low risks
  • Modular integrated solutions guarantee compatibility with your system environment
  • All environments are supported (on-premise, mobile and cloud), enabling short project and implementation times

Now, it is time to answer our question. What points are of concern to by clients if they are considering implementing a RDS? You know, the key to answer this question is that you should realize that the benefits an RDS bring to us are the key points of concern clients. That is the reason why I want to forward the first paragraph.


Speed and simplicity: They two are the most important things of clients. I always face these kinds of questions:

  • How can I trust that you can finish the whole project in 12 weeks? Can you guarantee it?
  • The standard RDS package is not powerful enough to support the complex scenarios of my company; can you add more to it? BTW, the duration of project should remain the same.
  • I do not want to make any change to the company, can I still get value from RDS?
  • How soon will I achieve a positive payback after my implementation?

Those are a lot of questions appeared listed above. To be honest, every project has its own risks to be managed. Before we start the project, both of us should understand RDS well. I believe that SAP RDS provides a great response to SAP customers’ need for the rapid adoption and speedy implementation of software solutions. What all I can do is trying my best to minimize risks as much as possible and get as most as you want.

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