Introducing SAP Solution Manager

Jim Sun

SAP Solution Manager (latest version 7.1), released in 2011, is an end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform that is used to manage either SAP or non-SAP applications in SAP ERP environment. SAP Solution Manager can help users to adpot new developments, manage the application lifecycle and run SAP solutions. It is claimed that SAP Solution Manager brings the following value to users:

  • Business continuity: it helps users to decrease the influence from the changes come from operational or technical processes as well as increasing system performance.
  • Time to market: decreases the time needed from requirement to deployment.
  • Efficiency: due to better management on applications, SAP Solution Manager helps improve efficiency by reducing test effort.
  • Compliance: Solution Manager gives the users higher level of compliance by aggregated solution documentation.

Solution Manager

Also within Solution Manager, there is a built-in process for users to follow to make more innovations on application development. It includes solution documentation/implementation, template management, test management, change controlling, upgrade, custom code, mantenance management, business process operations, application operations and IT service management.

  • Solution documentation: makes it possible to locate the documentation and provides either functional/technical information from SAP and non-SAP solutions
  • Solution implementation: designed to manage technical installation as well as business
  • innovation, also involves the identification, adaptation and implementation of new business/technical scenarios.

  • Template management: helps customers to efficiently manage their business processes among multi-site SAP installations.
  • Test management: helps define the integrated testing requirements and used to develop automatic and manual test cases.
  • Change control management: includes integrated project management and quality management, also manages the risks along with the implementation process.
  • Upgrade management: allows users to better understand and manage the major technical risks/challeneges within upgrade process.
  • Custom code management: improves the management efficiency for customers to manage their customized code for applications. Also helps detect and retire unused code.
  • Maintenance management: includes software correction packages.
  • Business process operations: consists of those application-related operation topics to ensure the smooth flow of the core business processes.
  • Application operations: provides system administrator capabilies for monitoring, alerting, anlaysis and administration of SAP/non-SAP solutions
  • IT service management: offers a communication channel to all relevant stakeholders among multiple opranization levels.

In a word, SAP Solution Manager is an end-to-end ALM that can help SAP users to better manage either SAP or non-SAP applications. It provides solid evidence of system efficiency and ROI for system administrators, SAP investors and other managing end-users. SAP Solution Manager enables the applications, either customized or built-in ones, to be managed in a ruled process. Would like to know more tips and real practices about SAP Solution Manager? Please click the button below.