Leveraging Best Practices in BI Migrations

Trey Morrow

Leveraging Best Practices in BI Migrations


Using Best Practices can offer a set of tools for all sorts of organizations, but I'd like to discuss some of the benefits related to BI Implementations and Migrations.

Improve Performance

Success is based on how you perform from the beginning. Using standardized best practices promote a culture of continued improvement.

Using best practices to improve performance, you can:

  • Improve the effectiveness of your deployments
  • Meet deadlines
  • Stay within budget
  • Strengthen the resilience of your system.

Reduce Business Risk

By tackling risk, you can do much for your business:

  • Mitigate risks by understanding them first
  • Reduce or eliminate downtime
  • Reduce or minimize revenue loss, due to outages
  • Enhance your reputation

Encourage Innovation

The development of standards can help an emerging technology ecosystem rally round the issues to promote successful implementations. Best practice standards set common framework that encourage innovation by:

  • Reduce the duplication of efforts that have already been produced. This will allow you to concentrate on activities that really add value
  • Allow new processes and ideas to more easily be integrated with existing methodologies and approaches.
  • Project sponsors have more confidence in successful innovation

Download our Top 10 Best Practices for BOBJ Migrations here: