TOP 10 Reasons to Move from SAP BW Accelerator to SAP BW on HANA

Victor Ayers

BW Accelerator (aka BWA or BIA) made its debut over 10 years ago now. This was BW and SAPs first forray into the realm of in-memory computing. It was meant to work as a plug and play appliance that would accelerate the most important or sluggish reporting areas of a customer's BW system. This meant often making a difficult choice between which cubes would be indexed or whether there was enough budget to add more blades and storage.

BWA did not help with data loading performance. In fact, it actually increases the nightly refresh time due to the requirement to reload the cube's indexes after each refresh. This may put the system at risk if the nightly refresh cycle doesn't complete before the start of the work day.

BWA also meant increased maintenance and development efforts as there are additional steps to include in each process chain or new development effort.

BW on HANA offers ton's of benefits even for existing BWA users. The first big benefit is the fact that ALL reporting is immediately accelerated after migrating the database. Even before optimizing the data models. The second big benefit is that all data loading activities are also greatly accelerated. DSO activations are quicker, data loads are faster, master data lookups are faster, and there are fewer steps required in the process chains to complete a data load.

Further benefits are realized by the shortened development time of new reporting areas. No more need to build star schemas and fine tune them after statistics are gathered. Often we will only need to load the data once into a DSO. Other products are also accelerated such as the SAP BPC NetWeaver product.

Process chains can be simplified and thus reduce the risk of failures. No more cube index rebuilds are needed, no more statistics step or aggregate roll-ups. If the data model is flattened, not only are space savings realized to the tune of $1,000/GB, but there will be fewer steps to follow in the process chains.

old process chain typical
Typical Process Chain in SAP BW

If you're a BWA/BIA user today, contact us for an assessment of your system and how making the move to BW on HANA can help you. Download our free guide comparing BWA vs BW on HANA entitled "TOP 10 Reasons to Make the Move from SAP BW Accelerator to SAP BW on HANA".