Reasons For Upgrading to SAP BW 7.4

Victor Ayers

SAP's latest release of business warehouse, BW 7.4 brings forth dozens of new features. It is a complete redesign, using eclipse based modeling tools now and true integration with SAP HANA for the best performance out of your HANA investment. Even for customers who remain on traditional RDBMS landscapes, there are huge performance improvements to be had with the updates to the OLAP engine. Read on for more great reasons to Upgrade to SAP BW 7.4

The new eclipse based tools reduce development effort and thus help you save on development costs. There is also a reduction in the number of objects that are required to achieve a solution, further adding up to cost savings.

The new federated enterprise data warehouse concept not only makes it possible to integrate multiple systems quickly into your data warehouse model but also add features that help quickly convert virtual/remote data links to persistent data models.

Customers who are thinking of migrating to S/4 HANA ERP suite should also consider migrating to SAP BW 7.4 at the same time. The federated DW concept will allow these customers to directly link their ERP systems to their BW environment for real time reporting and rapid time to market for new analytics applications.

This is possible by assigning the BW master data objects to virtual remote data models. Eliminating the need to export data and redundantly storing it in BW reduces storage costs. Performance is maintained via the in-memory capabilities of S/4 HANA.

BW continues to act as the central integration hub for Business Intelligence in the enterprise landscape. Users can now enjoy real-time reporting via the wonderful benefits of the bex tools and/or BOBJ BI tools depending on their reporting landscape. BW will continue to allow enterprises to marry up their enterprise data with external data sources such as their CRM, SRM or even non-structured data analysis systems such as Hadoop.

Example landscape for a Federated Enterprise DataWarehouse

How to Save a Million Dollars by Upgrading to SAP BW 7.4