Introduce Basic Algorithm for Predictive Analysis

Selwyn Zhou

SAP Predictive Analysis is a complete data discovery, visualization, and predictive analytics solution designed to extend your current analytics capability and skillset, regardless of your history with BI. It is Integrated with SAP Lumira for data acquisition, data manipulation and visualization capabilities. It’s an intuitive, code-free experience with enough power to conduct sophisticated analysis using Big Data, yet simple enough to conduct forward-looking analysis using departmental data from Excel. It integrates key algorithms which help you to build models to solve your business problems.

SAP Predictive Analysis uses intuitive predictive models so your team can compare factors like past and projected trends. It also allows you to understand how historical sales, costs, and other key metrics translate to future performance-opening new opportunities to reach your business goals faster.

It has several features such as:

  • Easy to data acquisition:
    Data sources can be relational databases, BusinessObjects Universes, SAP HANA or local documents
  • Ease of Use:
    Drag and drop interface for data selection, preparation, analysis and visualization.
    Intuitively build complex models with no programming
  • Integrated Visualization:
    Visualization capabilities from SAP Visual Intelligence built into the modeling tool that allows an analyst to move seamlessly from data visualization to hypothesis generation to model creation and execution
  • Vast Statistical Analysis Capabilities:
    Native Predictive Analysis Libraries for in-memory, in-database execution in SAP HANA:
    Highly configurable algorithms for clustering, classification, regression, association rules, neural networks, time-series, and outlier analysis etc.
  • R Integration:
    Allows decision scientists to call R packages and take advantage of the over 3,500 packages available in the open source domain.

  • Our Experience Can Help You Leverage the Advanced Capabilities of SAP Predictive Analysis

    In 2014, SAP updated its SAP Lumira data visualization software, as well as its SAP InfiniteInsight advanced predictive analytics software. They added the ability to use the geospatial dimensions of latitude and longitude, data-SQL-add-on Hadoop Hive, scalable database Greenplum 4.2 from Pivotal, and geospatial coordinates and related information for XML-languages including Keyhole Markup Language (KML) and Geography Markup Language (GML) in the latest version. It is an exciting improvement to the software, especially since so many people focus on Big Data, Database Storage and Processing of structure and unstructured data.

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