Find Out Best Data Visualization Tool in 2015

Selwyn Zhou

Nowadays, we always say that” Data is important”, ”Data is the currency of new age” ,etc. But you know, the truth is most of data, maybe more than 90%, means nothing to most people. They are just clumsy and boring numbers or other formats. I do not think most of us have interest , even enough patience, to find what is hiding behind data. How can we make this job easier and more funny?? I think one of the most competitive solutions is Data Visualization.

What is Data Visualization??

According to the Wiki, Data visualization refers to the techniques used to communicate data or information by encoding it as visual objects (e.g., points, lines or bars) contained in graphics. These visualizations range from simple charts and graphs to complex flow charts and geographical maps. Many of these visualizations are interactive, allowing users to adjust settings and see the impact in real-time. The goal is to communicate information clearly and efficiently to users.

What is Data Visualization??

No matter if you want to admit, data visualizations are everywhere today. Most people realized that only if data are visualized and analyzed, they can be efficiency and valuable. In today’s DV market, you have so many options to choose. You do not need to worry about your own technical skills, neither of your imagination limits. The other great news is most of these fantastic tools are not too expensive for you to afford. Guys, we are so lucky to live in an awesome visualization generation.Especially Big Data became a trend in the past few years and definitely will keep hot in the next years. Facing so large amount of data,there will be a great challenge as well as a great opportunity for the wise mans who know how to make full use these tools to achieve their ambitions.

What is Data Visualization??

Just as I said, there are so many options now. You may bothered by which one to choose. Every coin has two sides. It is the same way of these products. They have their own pros and cons. That is the reason I collected information of typical products of different vendors and make this summary.

I separate them into four categories:

  • Traditional BI Vendors: SAP, IBM, SAS, Microsoft, Oracle;
  • Top 10 fast Growth: Tableau, Qlikview, Tibco Spotfire, Gooddata, MicroStrategy, Information Builders, Logi Analytics, Alteryx, Actuate, Tibco Jaspersoft, Pentaho;
  • Newcomers: Salesforce, Yellowfin, Pyramid, Infor;
  • Others: Panorama, Entrinsik, ESRI, Birst, Visokio, Pagos, Panopticon, Bitam , Targit;

You can go to download my detailed free summarization. Just click the button below. Hope it can give you more clues to make an optimal choice.