Discover the history of Hortonworks

Jim Sun

Hortonworks is a computer software company based in California. Since it was established in June 2011, Hortonworks has been focused on the development and support of Apache Hadoop, which was originally part of Yahoo's Nutch search engine project and has become a main-stream distributed processing big data analytics platform.

In June 2011, Hortonworks got funding of 23M from Yahoo and Benchmark Capital and became an independent company. Hortonworks was staffed by 24 Yahoo engineers who were the earliest core developers of a distributed processing search engine, which later became Hadoop. Hortonworks product named HDP---Hortonworks Data Platform includes Hadoop and enables users to store, process and analyze large sets of data. They also published a series of tutorials and codes to the community for free along with the HDP Sandbox to help beginners of Hadoop get familiar with the use of Hortonworks in minimal time. The latest HDP v2.2 has the following main components:

  • YARN & HDFS: they are the core components within Hadoop. YARN is responsible for managing the computing resources; HDFS splits files into big bulks and provides scalable storage for data
  • MapR: MapR is the processing engine, it ships code to nodes.
  • Data Access: it includes Pig Script, Hive for SQL, HBase for NoSQL, Storm for streaming, Spark for in-memory and so on.
  • Governance Integration: it contains Flume, Sqoop, Falcon and so on, this is the place for data workflow configuration and governance.
  • Security
  • Operation: Monitoring and scheduling data jobs.

In Feb 2012, they collaborated with Teradata and announced a partnership with Teradata. In Feb 2013, Hortonworks collaborated with Microsoft to publish its beta version of HDP for Microsoft Azure and Windows Server. In addition, SAP, HP and Rackspace are all main resellers of Hortonworks and HDP. Hortonworks also hosts the Hadoop Summit community event with Yahoo every year.

However---in HDP v2.2, there are some issues when you configure your sandbox. If you would like to learn how to solve those issues? Click here.