Use Geo-Data in SAP Lumira to Enhance Your Data Visualization Results

Jim Sun

Most of our SAP clients have a lot of branches and operation points all over the US, some of them even have more than 1 branch office in other countries. It would make more sense if a data visualization report could display dynamic data from different locations in a sophisticated map. Fortunately, SAP Lumira gives users the potential to visualize their location data given city names or longtitude and latitude data.

A Chart Incorporating Geospatial Data

In some cases, SAP Lumira may not identify the city names in your tables (there might be typos or unknown city names), then longtitude and latitude can be quite useful. The video below shows the way of using longtitude/latitude data to accurately look up different locations on a world map. It is useful especially when you have minor city names. Enjoy it.

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