SAP BW Report Financial (EHP3) 0FIGL_C30 only load Financial Statement Type (GL_FSTYPE) =1

Maria Wei

In BI content under report financial (EHP3) Finance: 0FIGL_C30 where data is only loaded with Financial Statement Type (GL_FSTYPE) =1. When you look at the DTP and transformation there is no filter nor formula.

You need to specify selection of 0GL_FSTYPE(Financial Stmnt Type) as 3 in the filter of DTP which loads data from 0FIGL_V30 to 0FIGL_C30. The system assumes default value of 1 for 0GL_FSTYPE if no selections are given in filter of DTP. Please make sure to use full load DTP.

0FIGL_V30 Load to 0FIGL_C30solutions2

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