Introducing The Langer Index

Langer Index

Introducing The Langer IndexTM

Background: Businesses today face unprecedented change. As B2C and B2B technological capacity evolves, businesses must embrace agility in the digital sphere. The 2014 US CEO Survey revealed that by and large, technological advances are considered the global trend that will most transform businesses in the coming decade. Technology’s significance rests in its integration across industries as well as its role in shaping any number of business strategies: operating models, customer service, and recruitment and retention. Our Findings Despite its pervasiveness, digital means different things to different businesses. A study by PwC revealed that companies struggle to discern which technologies are most relevant to their business. As a result, the pace of technological change in organization is too slow to keep up with industry demands. Businesses struggle to integrate technology throughout their organizations, and often, digital transformation is not deemed necessary at the C-suite level. In light of rapid digital transformations, businesses must rethink the role of IT departments in the context of building technology enterprise. Organizations should consider where and how technology investments could inform strategic roadmaps for IT. Data integration can lead to real-time information for more accurate and relevant decision making. Agility and dynamism are core competencies enhancedby technology whiledriving growth, cultural change, and leadership.

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