Secrets to Avoid Project Team Turnover

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Project team turnover can cause chaos, confusion, stressed out coworkers, and make projoject tasks to simply slip within the cracks. Employee turnover can make it almost impossible for project teams to produce high-quality work products that meet the needs of both customers and the organization. What’s more, turnover in your project team can cause a myriad of financial and schedule risks, including strained budgets and missed deadlines. Therefore, project managers should think of ways to avoid turn over as much as they can and deal with it effectively when it happens to mitigate the cost of the turnover. The following are a few secrets to avoid project team turnover:

  • Manage Human Resources Effectively to Ensure 100% Onboarding. 
  • Bolster Project Team Member Engagement. 
  • Provide Real-time Feedback and Timely Evaluation.
  • Plan for the Best and Prepare for the Worst.

High project team turnover hinders the successful implementation of the project and ultimately hurts a company’s bottom line. It is necessary for project managers to devise a strategy to avoid and/or reduce the team turnover so that the entire project team as one entity can achieve the objective of the project and eventually fulfill the requirements of the business.

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