Why you want to choose SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions?

Selwyn Zhou

Nowadays, Organizations are facing more complex problems and need to figure out solutions in a very short period of time. Especially in the field of Business Intelligence (BI), traditional methods in implementation and analytics are out of date.

Under thiese circumstances, SAP has delivered its implmentation product "Rapid Deployment Solutions(RDS)" to the market.

What is SAP RDS?

  • SAP RDS is a “packaged solution”
  • SAP RDS is a comprehensive and integrated offering
  • SAP RDS addresses specific business challenges, enabling companies to go live with new software to address these challenges in a short period of time!

Now, let us take a look at some numbers:

  • 2700+: This is the number of customers who choose to use RDS after SAP pushed out this product 1.5 years ago;
  • 40%: Compared to the previous projects using traditional methods with similar scope, at least 40% time and effort can be saved.
  • 12 weeks: Most of the clients using RDS will deliver in 12 weeks or less.

What SAP RDS contains?

  • Preconfigured software: so you can address your most urgent business processes quickly
  • Content: complete with SAP best practices, predefined templates, and tools to make implementations smoother and solution adoption easier
  • End-user enablement tools: Helps educate users and ensure adoption
  • Service fixed in scope, providing maximum predictability and lowering risk.

Service fixed in scope, providing
Typical Process Chain in SAP BW

There is no doubt that SAP RDS provides a great response to SAP customers’ need for the rapid adoption and speedy implementation of software solutions. However, there are many versions for you to choose. You’d better find out a solution match for your particular scenario. Also, during the implementation, you need to accept and embrace change very rapidly as speed is central to this approach.