What is the Business Case for a SAP BOBJ Upgrade?

Larry Xu

When discussing the features and benefits of SAP BOBJ upgrade, there are many bullet points under each of the three areas:

  • Enterprise Wide.
  • Technically Mature.
  • Lowering Costs and Risks.

The key question to ask here is: Why do these matter?
The axiom for any for-profit business is to maximize the shareholders’ wealth by maximizing revenue and minimizing cost. Even for non-profit organizations, minimizing cost is their top concern so that their limited financial resources can be put to a better use. Business executives have only two goals on their minds in running their business: profit and growth. For them to consider the upgrade of SAP BOBJ, a strong and convincing business case has to be developed.

Business case templates are available online for people to use. But the caveat is obvious. Each enterprise is unique, so is the business case for that enterprise. Without the company specific data, developing a specific business case will be pointless. However, there are general guidelines for people to follow when developing a business case.

Business Case for SAP BOBJ Upgrade

  • Understanding the Pressure on Decision Makers.
  • Understanding the Financial Impact of BI.
  • Problem Statement and Solution Options.
  • ROI (Return on Investment) Calculation.
  • Qualitative Benefits.

Creating a business case for a SAP BOBJ upgrade is a meticulous and time-consuming task. It is a project in and of itself. Understanding the business problem during the early stages of the business case development process is the key step of the project justification process. Presenting a SAP BOBJ upgrade as a solution to the problem has to be placed in the context of the ultimate goals of business: porfit and growth.

Detailed business data has to be collected and reasonable assumptions of the benefits have to be made in order to execute a meaningful and convincing ROI projection. Only then can a strong business case be presented to the company decision makers for them to consider an upgrade of SAP BOBJ.

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