Risks of NOT having a Big Data Roadmap

Larry Xu

It is becoming a consensus that the future-proofing of an enterprise data management system is Big Data implementation. This is due to the fact that the dichotomy between limited time for business insight, hence decision making and the overwhelming complexity of data is ever increasing. To embark on the Big Data implementation journey is by no means an easy undertaking. The first and foremost step of this journey is to have a Big Data Roadmap. Not having a Big Data Roadmap may have some serious potential risks associated with the project. These may include, but not limited to:

  • Unawareness and mental inertial among stake holders, managers, and employees.
  • Inaccurate and incomplete assessment of existing enterprise data management status.
  • Inability to identify a strategy and a solution for the Big Data project.
  • Lacking experiment and flexibility to adjust course of the project if necessary.
  • Possible Big Data project failure and loss of business competitiveness


The list of risks enumerated above may not be exhaustive, but it demonstrates the imperativeness of a Big Data Roadmap for a successful Big Data implementation.