How to Improve IT Department Productivity?

Larry Xu

As an increasing number of companies across the globe are taking advantage of constantly evolving Big Data technologies, this, in-turn, is causing the job market for Big Data professionals to keep booming as well. According to Forbes, by the end of 2014, the world had seen a roughly 90% increase in demand for Computer Systems Analysts and Information Research Scientists within the past 12 months, and for 2015, there is no projected slow down in these trends.

The rapid emergence of new technologies, a multitude of innovative new applications, and the increasingly lower hardware costs have all contributed to the increasing importance of IT departments in all organizations. Bu>t the main focus of IT decision-makers now revolves around IT service quality and IT cost control. Improving IT department productivity is a must in today’s do-more-with-less environment. The following are just a few aspects to consider when trying to improve IT department productivity:

  • Set SMART Goals.
  • Provide Tools and Infrastructure.
  • Streamline Workflow and Reduce Unnecessary Tasks.
  • Provide Real-time Feedback and Timely Evaluations.
  • Offer Performace Based Compensation and Development Opportunities.

IT Department Productivity

To most enterprises, the IT department functions are indispensible for their business activities. The role of the IT department has evolved from a business support unit to a business service provider. One of the common business expectations of services from the IT department is improving IT workforce productivity, thus lowering the overall operational costs of the IT department, enhancing the quality of business processes, and acquiring and retaining customers. The points summarized above can serve as conventional wisdom in presenting a business case for improving IT department productivity.