How to fix the error: Cannot retrieve dimensions from the cube (WIS 000) under BOBJ 4.0 Sp02 Patch 12

Selwyn Zhou


Scenario: You will see this error when trying to refresh webi reports over the bex queries which have mandatory variables at Bex level. The query will work fine in Bex Analyzer, but fails to execute at webi Level.

When it happens: The same webi report might be working in other environments in the landscape.

Cause and solution: The reason for the error is no data available in the cube or info provider level. Briefly, if the mandatory variable in the bex query doesn’t have any posted values available for the selection criteria, the webi cannot construct the query in BOBJ side.

Let's see the example below:


  • BOBJ BI 4.0 Server;
  • A SAP BW (Business Warehouse) system with bex queries created;

Step 1: Error Message:

1. In the Bex Query, here is the screenshot with mandatory fiscal period variable: It indicates the bex query works fine in Bex analyzer;

When we execute the query in Bex analyzer, however, the match code for the variable says, no values found.

If we execute the webi reports depending on this query (or try to create a new one), it throws an error saying “cannot retrieve dimensions from the cube WIS (000)”.

Step 2: Solution

The most important point is we have to load data first. After the data is completely loaded, the error message disappeared. Here is the process:

1. After data is loaded, the Bex query Analyzer works properly:

2. After this, when we run the Webi report, it will out of error message:


As of Sp02 patch 12, Webi reports over Bex reports using BICS connection will throw these errors, when the mandatory variables have no match code selections available.

Now we know when you will have this issue and how to fix it. If you have any further questions about SAP BW or about your SAP BO system landscape, we offer a SAP BO Assessment Service to help you understand your current system status and develop a roadmap for future system improvements