How to build a Big Data roadmap

Larry Xu

When adopting a Big Data solution, the strategy usually starts with a roadmap. A roadmap is of critical importance for a Big Data implementation and its final capability for near real time analytics. Researchers and industry best practices on Big Data adoption all unanimously evince the fact that a roadmap will determine the success or failure of a Big Data project. This document will present a general process of designing a Big Data roadmap.

In building a roadmap, there is, of course, no “one size fits all” solution for organizations. But generally speaking, a roadmap should at least entail the following stages:

  • Assessment of business needs.
  • Consensus and commitment.
  • Organize a Big Data Project team.
  • Analyze current EDM and select a solution.
  • Experimentation.
  • Evaluation and user interaction.

The Big Data project will have broad and profound implications for the Enterprise Data Management. Building a roadmap should be the very first step to embark on the Big Data adoption journey.


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