End your Job Search, What Will Get You Hired In 2015?

Victoria Ryzhova

Have you ever felt good about how the interview went, but never heard back from interviewers? The majority of people end up in a situation like this sooner or later. If you are looking out for new opportunities in 2015 or simply would like to make sure your employment situation is secure, you need to keep your ear to the ground as to what are the latest traits and skills employers and hiring managers value.

Business Intelligence Job

Current job market is extremely competitive in general, and especially competitive and dynamic in the IT industry. Every year research companies evaluate employment trends and define skills that are to become most demanded. In late 2012, Forbes published an article outlining Top 10 skills that would get you hired in 2013. The list included such common sense, but often left with no proper attention commonalities as critical thinking, complex problem-solving, active listening skills. While those are not going out of fashion any time soon, ATCG Solutions conducted a research among Business Intelligence managers, other IT hiring managers and CIOs. We identified what traits they will be paying the most attention to in 2015.

This information will be useful to anyone from independent consultants, who are constantly looking out for new opportunities to happily employed professionals, looking to make sure they are up to date on what employers value this year.


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