2012 ASUG Business Objects Conference - Developer War

Maria Wei

Good morning everyone.
I want to share with you all our experience at 2012 ASUG Business Objects Conference. As many of you know we were selected to participate in the 2012 ASUG Developer war. Many thanks to the ATCG solutions team (Karthik Addula, Victor Ayers, Hong Wu, Tengran Liu, and Maria Wei) who work through the night to complete the presentation. This presentation was presented in front of thousands of conference attendees, sap customers, SAP SMEs/Mentors and Internal SAP executives. Please find our presentation (in raw format) on the bottom of this blog.

Day 1:
11:30 am
we were given the data. we immediately encountered our first challenge. We were told before the contest by Optimal Solution (sponsor) will provide OBDC connection to us. Due to some logistic issue, we had to work with the spreadsheet and load it into SQL server. But none of us are sql administrator. With the help of Tammy from ASUG, Mico Yuk and the Decision First Team, we were able to complete the SQL server Connection. our second challenge was tool selection, without a CMS, we decided to choose xcelsius (XML connection) and Visual Intelligence.
10:00 pm
Design of our solution was complete. Our solution was composed of Xcelsius (KPI that identified the issue) and Visual Intelligence that provided real time data to further drill down and diagnose the issue.

Day 2:After many many bags of chips and many many bottles of beer we continued to work through the night
4:00 am
Dashboard Functionality Development was complete
10:00 am
Dashboard Complete
12:00 pm
Visual Intelligence Dashboard Complete. Presentation Complete
Third Challenge: after meeting with the metor team, we were our presentation was too formal and we had to make it fun. We had 2 hours to come up with a new presentation.
2:00 pm
Laptop turned in. Dragon suit borrowed (Many thanks to Work Beast). Presentation done
5:30 pm
Dress rehearsal
6:30 pm

ATCG Solutions Team Presentation at SAP ASUG Conference Orlando 2012

ATCG Solutions Team Presentation at SAP ASUG Conference Orlando 2012

Below is a picture of all of us on the night of presentation. Note: no one really slept the night before but we look fabulous.