The objective of the AMS, Application Management Services, is to ensure the quality of our applications are in line with the objectives of Ameri100. While acquiring companies, Ameri100 looks to a round the clock Help Desk services, which hosts infrastructure support as well as SAP support. Once the customer has engaged us, our sales professionals maintain relationships with the customer by working collaboratively with the consulting professionals who are assigned to the customer. Through support and management services, there are apps that help with AMS, such as is a leading cloud platform for developing social and mobile enterprise apps in the cloud. This help Ameri100 clients make a quick turnaround in product delivery. Lastly, there are some in house support management through a ticketing system which gives a 24X7 support service.

The IT Solution Manager implementation of SAP Solution Manager provided by Ameri100 Consulting, aims to improve the relationship with the client, and meet any requirement of incidents and complaints, providing an excellent service.

SAP CRM services